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Vocal Intensive Boot Camp
A class of high-energy aerobics for the entire vocal system. Sit up, push up, and leg lift your way to a freer, healthier, and more powerful voice.

You go to the gym to maintain your body. You visit the salon to maintain your look. You take Edward Sayegh’s revolutionary VOCAL BOOT CAMP to maintain your voice. A 2-hour class once a week for 4 weeks, aligns and strengthens your voice.

Starting with floor work, you connect the voice to the musculature that supports it. You explore lung capacity and enduance. You are then guided through a sequence of exercises that actually build the muscles of the throat responsible for great singing. It is a class that has become a way of life for many professional singers.

Edward Sayegh’s Vocal Boot Camp is a vital tool for any singer who is, or aspires to be, the best in their field.

When: (all Classes are from 7:00pm-9:00pm)
2002 Classes
Session 1: October 21, 22, 28, 29

Unitarian Center and Church,
Machondray Hall

1187 Franklin Street @ Geary
San Francisco, CA

$285 ($50 late registration fee will appy after Aug. 13)


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